How to Protect Your Home from Storms and Hurricanes

Apr 28, 2023 | Uncategorized

Homeowners in areas where hurricanes and storms are a regular occurrence must be prepared ahead of time to protect their property and minimize any damage.

But what exactly should they bear in mind? protect your home from storms and hurricanes with us after reading this post




1) Installing storm shutters

Installing impact-resistant windows protects your property during major storms, as entry points like doors and windows are vulnerable. This prevents potential wall collapse.

Plywood affords an affordable exterior option, but you must correctly install CDX plywood made for outside use that’s 5/8 inch thick. Also, opt for corrosion-resistant screws at least 2 1/2 inches long.

2) Ensuring the secure fastening of any dangerous outdoor objects

Store away or secure hazardous outdoor items like fence posts, gardening tools, potted plants, and lawn furniture to prevent winds from damaging your property or causing injuries.

Additionally, trim the trees around your property to prevent your house from sustaining damage by falling limbs.

3) Preventing flood water damage

Floods comprise the most common natural disasters, and heavy rainstorms can cause them. Stack sandbags tightly together like bricks to form a barricade that redirects water away from your property. Make the barricade at least 2 feet high for effective water diversion.

    4) Unplugging electrical devices

    Electrical storms pose hazards to electrical devices, as lightning can easily damage power lines and cause disruptions.

    Thus, unplug all appliances from outlets during storms to protect them from harm.

    5) Replacing damaged shingles

    Wind or hail frequently damages roofs, requiring shingle replacement.

    Securely install or replace damaged shingles, which can otherwise break off. Alternatively, temporarily cover the roof with a protective barrier until fully repaired.

    Taking precautions decreases the chance of catastrophic damage. Consider these steps to protect your home, family, and yourself.

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