How to Respond to Water Damage in Your South Florida Home

Dealing with water damage in your South Florida home can be stressful, says Fort Lauderdale’s The Phoenix Restoration. Here’s what Broward and Palm Beach County residents need to know.

Follow These Simple Steps in order to Prevent Water Damage


Dealing with  signs of water leaks can be stressful, but taking swift strategic action is critical to prevent further issues, advises restoration provider The Phoenix Restoration. The company outlines several important first steps for homeowners to take when water damage occurs. First and foremost, stop the water source immediately if possible by turning off main valves or fixing burst pipes. Next, quickly remove excess water using towels, wet vacuums, pumps and other means to prevent it from seeping in and causing more damage.

A man in a polo shirt and jeans inspects water damage in a kitchen by pointing at the source of the leak.
  • Stop the water source immediately if possible. Turn off main valve, fix pipes.


  • Remove excess water quickly with towels, wet vacs, and pumps. This prevents further damage.
  • Check for hidden moisture in walls, floors, and ceilings with a meter. The water inside leads to mold.


  • Dry out wet areas fully with fans, dehumidifiers, and open windows. Faster drying reduces damage.


  • Discard-soaked porous materials like carpets. Mold can grow if not fully dried.


  • Document damage through photos for insurance claims, advises Phoenix.


Other tips include thoroughly drying out wet areas using fans, dehumidifiers, and ventilation; discarding soaked porous materials where mold can proliferate; documenting damage for insurance claims; and contacting water damage professionals for large-scale remediation and repairs. Following these key steps quickly can significantly reduce damage, The Phoenix Restoration advises.

Contact The Phoenix Restoration for large-scale professional drying, mold remediation, and repairs.

Conclusion: Take immediate action to remove water and start drying, advises The Phoenix Restoration serving Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, And Broward County. Calling local restoration experts minimizes damage.

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